• 18/05/2016

    New York’s 44 best new places to live right now

    Nine52 by Acro Realestate is one of the best new places to live right now

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  • 19/10/2013

    Construction approved for 670 housing units in the south Tel Aviv

    Committee for Planning and Building in Tel Aviv recently approved the creation of a new residential complex telecommunications , botanical garden near downtown. Residential neighborhood will include some 670 new housing units and residential complex aims to generate significant new introductions in Jaffa and down Main Street and main traffic arteries .

    Construction program which will be required later in the approval of the district committee includes about 60 thousand square meters of residential , 6,000 sqm and trading - 4,000 square meters of employment . Largest share of the program built by Acro Real Estate Company , owned by Ilan Capon and Zahi Arabov , which acquired it from the Realty Foundation in September 2011 for $ 100 million.

    Since purchasing the compound municipality decided to raise the density of the planned housing units 400 units to -507 units ( some of Acro ) , partly due to social protests . The complex covers 33 hectares of which 12 hectares are still used by telecommunications hub , and are expected to leave the next two years . Furthermore the complex leased to various tenants , including the Tel Aviv municipality and the democratic school . Acro 's main partner is the e- Israeli compound that holds approximately $ 160 units.
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  • 19/10/2013

    Acro Real Estate and Polar Investments sell Bryant Park's ground in Manhattan

    Acro Real Estate and Polar Investments recognized the plot Bryant Park in Manhattan.

    The plot was purchased two years ago by Acro and its partners for $ 41 million. The partnership purchased the lot owned by Acro , Polar , and the Tibir , operated and later the realization of reaching an agreement negotiated with the property owner to complete the full ownership of the field. After the transaction the Company will record a gain of $ 31 million .
    Field is located in the heart of Manhattan between Fifth and Sixth and 40th Street near the famous city library of New York and adjacent property owned by the HSBC building and building . The place is now a parking lot and the rights of existing building height of 32 floors built up area of 20,900 square meters for residential and hotel on the first floors .

    Zahi Arabov , owner of Acro said that " the sale of the lot at the present time , during which the prices in Manhattan to their level before the crisis hit the U.S. in 2008 , is now a strategic exercise , which focused on the location of debts during the crisis on the properties in prime locations in Manhattan , at attractive , in Breeding and implement timely . "

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