• About

    Acro Real Estate has firmly established itself as a leading real estate developer in Israel. Acro Real Estate specializes in identifying attractive investments opportunities in areas of demand and capital gain through branding, execution, and ensuring value increase against competition.

    The company boasts an ever-growing portfolio of luxury commercial and residential projects representing a range from classical structures and conservation projects, to neighborhood development and construction of contemporary towers, throughout Israel and the United States.
  • Management

    Behind Acro Real Estate’s prolonged growth and success is a progressive team of skilled professionals with expertise in finance, law, design, marketing, planning, construction, development, community relations and property management.
    Zahi Arabov
    Owner, Founder and Chairman

    Ilan Kapon
    Owner, Founder and Vice Chairman
    Ziv Yacobi, Attorney                                                                                
    CEO and Partner
    Erez Gil

    Partner & Head of International Business

    Shmulik Siman Tov, Accountant
    VP of Finance and Partner
    Amir Malach                                                              
    VP of Engineering

  • Vision

    Acro Real Estate aims to further establish itself as one of the real estate industry’s premier firms by offering the highest standards of planning, management and project execution of each and every project in Israel and abroad.